When the Young Lords Demanded Action in the Garbage Offensive

When the Young Lords Put Garbage on Display to Demand Change

In 1969, a group of New York City youth known as the Young Lords demanded change in the way the largest city in the United States handled sanitation. The initiative, known as the Garbage Offensive, wasn’t the group’s original plan of action, but it proved highly effective in more

The Bizarre NFL Game Where Fans, Players Were in a Fog

Fog Bowl: The Most Bizarre Game in NFL History

First in a series on iconic NFL games. Foul weather, from ice, snow and below-freezing temperatures to downpours and excessive heat, has adversely affected NFL games since the dawn of the league more than 100 years ago. But no game in NFL history matches the weird weather at the more

How Photos from the Bloody Battle of Antietam Revealed the American Civil War’s Horrors

How Photos from the Battle of Antietam Revealed the American Civil War’s Horrors

In October 1862, a shocking and unique photo exhibition opened at Mathew B. Brady’s Broadway gallery in New York City. A small placard at the door advertised “The Dead of Antietam,” and, as The New York Times reported on October 20, “crowds of people are constantly going up the more